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CoEx is the first and only platform to enable brands to co-operatively share their online audiences. Run targeted display and video campaigns against highly active and in-market shoppers. Join the hundreds of retailers, manufacturers and e-commerce brands currently using CoEx to support their digital shopper marketing, co-op and programmatic initiatives.

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OwnerIQ's unique access to online retailer audiences makes it an attractive digital shopper marketing solution. It provides an opportunity for Acer to get our brand in front of active in-market shoppers of key retailers with little waste and at scale.

Michelle Leavitt, Senior Marketing Manager, Retail at Acer

By bringing programmatic systems to the discipline of shopper marketing, OwnerIQ is creating digital activation points during key phases of the shopper’s path to purchase.

Brandon Berger, Chief Digital Officer, Worldwide, Ogilvy & Mather

OwnerIQ’s solution brings a valuable asset to Havas’ well established programmatic efforts. By aggregating millions of online audiences that visit retailer and product websites we are able to intercept shoppers at key stages of the decision process.

Adam Kasper, Chief Media Officer at Havas Digital Media

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Create an advertising channel of the in-market consumers of your manufacturers.

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Support your retail channel and increase sell-through of your products at retail.

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