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CoEx is the first platform designed to enable online retailers and manufacturers to securely and seamlessly share audiences to execute targeted online advertising campaigns.

  • Experience the next generation of online co-operative marketing
  • Explore new partnership opportunities with top retailers and manufacturers
  • Test new audiences segments and gain new customers
  • Generate incremental advertising revenue or advertising credit

Collecting and Segmenting Your Audience Data

My Audience

CoEx makes it safe and easy for you to capture actionable data on your website visitors and convert it into targetable online segments. Once collected, the data is then catalogued into segment groups classified by the type of product and brand each visitor specifically interacted with on your site.

Our coding methods are compliant with the strictest industry standards regarding data collection as set forth by the NAI, and our coding system contains "fail safes" that prevent any slowdown in your pages' load time.

Manage Tags

Generate Tag Codes

The platform will generate a small piece of tagging code for you to place on your website. This code will enable OwnerIQ to capture actionable data on your site visitors' onsite browsing and purchasing behavior.

Extend Your Advertising Reach, Monetize Your Audience

Audience Partners

In CoEx, YOU are in control of your data. Partners can use their own site data to target ad messages to their customers across the web, or access data from other CoEx partners to reach new audiences with their ad message.

To start, simply browse the list of hundreds of other top retailers and manufacturers on the CoEx platform and select the partner(s) whose data you would like to use. You can then send a request to these partners directly in the platform.

Approve Partner

Monetize Your Audience

By sharing your audience data with other CoEx partners you can gain advertising credit, or generate incremental revenue.

CoEx allows you to browse partner's requests and choose who to accept or reject.

Create Online Advertising Campaigns

CoEx's user-friendly interface is designed for you to easily and quickly create your online campaigns.

  Define Audience

Define Audience

Choose what data source you want to use; your own site data, data from approved partners, or both.

You also have the option to use OwnerIQ's audience and pre-defined custom target audience segments to create online advertising campaigns with broad reach and scale.

  Set Targeting

Set Targeting

Select the specific audience segments you want to target on the campaign.

Target users who have been identified as having an interest in certain product types and brands associated with the audience source(s) chosen.

  Set Budget

Set Budget

Enter in the campaign budget and set allocations across all targeted audience segments you've selected.

  Add Creative

Add Creative

Upload your creative for the campaign.

  Campaign Details

Campaign Details

Enter in the information about your campaign such as campaign name, the objective and the start and end date.